Keramik aus Persien vom 9. bis zum 14. Jahrhundert

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Giovanni Curatola
Persian Ceramics - From the 9th to the 14th Century
Persische Keramik - Vom 9. bis zum 14. Jahrhundert

Der Band versammelt 100 außergewöhnliche Beispiele mittelalterlicher persischer Keramik anhand derer er einen historischen Überblick über die Thematik bietet. Viele der Werke werden hier zum ersten Mal veröffentlicht.

Die Werke stammen sämtlich aus der Sammlung von Louise Michail und ihrer Tochter Narghes Sorgato. Begleitet werden sie von hervorragend recherchierten, fachkundig verfassten Texten zur persischen Keramik zwischen dem 9. und dem 14. Jahrhundert.


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In the complex and varied world of Islamic art ceramics play an important role. Medieval Persian ceramics in particular stand out for their technical invention, fantasy and refinement, reaching artistic results that have hardly been surpassed in pottery anywhere.

Alongside celebrated examples housed in several prestigious museums, this volume also shows a series of pieces that are being exhibited for the very first time. This study gives an exhaustive overview of Persian ceramics striking an optimum balance between technical, stylistic and aesthetic analysis and providing an appealing approach to this art of exceptional quality and beauty.

A hundred exciting facets of the precious, elegant collection conceived and implemented by Louise Michail and her daughter Narghes Sorgato: the results of years of passionate and scrupulous research. A hundred miniature masterpieces created in Persia between the ninth and fourteenth centuries. Rare ceramics from Nishapur, with blotched, printed or epigraphic decorations, often with interesting naturalistic ornamentation, created using techniques with a glazed metallic finish. A wealth of geniality and inspiration from the Steppes of central Asia, abounding in sophisticated technical solutions, the fruits of endless, unique experimentation.

Highly imaginative monochromatic or duotone circles; each one of these precious medieval artefacts tells a tale often bearing a message of good will that can move us as if it were written today.


Autor: Giovanni Curatola
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