Frederique Constant | Live your passion


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Aletta Stas, Peter Stas, Gisbert L. Brunner und Alexander Linz
Frederique Constant - Live your passion
Building a watch manufacture

Alles begann mit unserer Leidenschaft für Uhren. Dann kam die Leidenschaft unserer Uhrmacher hinzu – und damit hatten wir uns auf das Abenteuer eingelassen, das der Aufbau einer erfolgreichen Uhrenmanufaktur mit sich bringt. Mit unserem Slogan „Live your Passion“ – Leidenschaft leben – möchten wir andere ermutigen, es uns gleich zu tun und unsere Leidenschaft für die hohe Uhrmacherkunst mit uns zu teilen.


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It all started with our passion for watches. Then, the passion of our watchmakers was added and we have been on a journey to build a thriving watch manufacture. With our slogan "Live your passion", we encourage others to share in our passion for fine watchmaking. True passion has always been the result of fine sensitive processes that happen over time - not the exploits of some exciting moment. It represents our internal drive, not our daily habits or needs. While our habits change, our drive continues to be the result of our character and heritage. Time and moments pass. The accomplishments of our drive remain over time. This has been the true aspect of passion at all times. The idea for this book started during a seminar on the "Rockerfeller Habits" in Amsterdam, where we attended with the Management Team of our company. In the past years, various people - journalists, customers, suppliers, industry colleagues - had suggested to write a book about our passion and the history of Frederique Constant. It was the suggestion of the members of our Management Team that made us think more seriously about the idea. We have often been asked the reason for the success of our company: "Tell me, what is the single most important success factor?" Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is not one answer. It has been the combination of many factors that created success at the various development phases of the company. While it is very important to have a clear strategy, we are truly of the opinion that you have to do many things right to have success. That means hard work and long hours. You can read all about it in the rest of this book!


Autoren: Aletta Stas, Peter Stas, Gisbert L. Brunner und Alexander Linz
Verlag: Ebner Verlag, Ulm
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